Q: What is a halfway house?

A: A residence located in the community, where people are placed to either serve a period of time after being released from prison while on parole or probation, or maybe homeless for many different reasons like loss of job, illness or addiction and need a place in order to prepare for reentering the community.


Q: How is our halfway house different than prison?

A: Our facility is located in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana and we provide much greater freedom than prison. However, we do have rules, work requirements, and curfews. For men sent to serve time at a halfway house at the end of their prison sentences, the time at the halfway house is generally focused on reentry preparation, including job training and drug treatment and much more. Almost all men at the halfway house at will be required to go outside the halfway house during the day to work or participate in drug treatment, job training and other activities.



Q: What is the maximum amount of time a person stay at a halfway house?

A: Strictly speaking, there is no legal cap on the amount of time. However, the practical reality is that people being released from prison are not given more than a total of 12 months of reentry programming. Remember, though, that no one is guaranteed any time in a halfway house – the decision of how long a person spends in a halfway house is entirely up them.


Q: Who runs halfway houses?

A: Halfway houses are operated by private individuals.


Q: What are the conditions in a halfway house?

A: Conditions vary from halfway house to halfway house. Our halfway offers shared rooms with multiple roommates. Our rooms don’t have doors at all.


Q: Is medical care available in halfway houses?

A: No. No medical services or health care are provided. All persons in halfway house are responsible for their own medical care. Before being placed in a halfway house, they must show that they have signed up for health insurance.


Q:  What is the criteria for admission to The Potter’s Recovery House?

A. Admission to The Potter’s Recovery House is open to any male offender eighteen (18) years of age or older who are referred by federal, state or local correctional authorities. All applications for admission to The Potter’s Recovery House are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Individuals who are most likely to be ineligible for admission include individuals with a history of violence; individuals classified as Tier III Sex Offenders, and/or individuals who have disabilities beyond the scope of the program’s resources.


Q: What can I bring with me?

A:  If you are coming to our facility:

Items to bring:
Hygiene products (to last at least 14 days)Laundry bag (mesh only)
Laundry detergent/Fabric softener
Alarm clock
All medications
Pajamas and Robe
Ink Pens
Planner/Pocket Calendar
Clothing (7 pairs of pants , 7 shirts and 2 pairs of gym shoes and 2 dress shoes maximum, 1-2 weeks of clothing total)

If possible, bring:
State ID or Driver’s License
Social Security Card
Felony Registration Card
Birth Certificate
GED Certificate
Any Vocational certificates
If for medical reasons are not able to work, or if you are not able to sleep on a top bunk, bring documentation from a physician.

Items not to bring:
Any tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco)
Products containing alcohol (hair spray, mouthwash, etc.)
Aerosol cans
DVDs or movies not in original casing
Mirrors (only compacts are allowed)
Obscene material/nude or sexually suggestive photos/graphics
Tools, weapons, or anything that could be used as a weapon
Medications not in original container or not clearly identifiable
Video games/hand-held electronic games
VCRs or DVD players, computers, laptops, tablet computers
Drugs/drug paraphernalia/gang paraphernalia
Ammunition or Explosives
Combustible or flammable liquids
Tattooing supplies
Any item bearing any wording, image, or suggestion that could be deemed offensive to a religion, political group, race, ethnicity, gender, age group, or sexual orientation
Any item bearing drug or alcohol references (symbols, pictures, wordings, etc.)
Locks (unless it is a bicycle lock)

All items brought into the facility are subject to staff approval.
Permission to possess a cell phone is contingent upon your legal status – please check with staff before bringing a cell phone.
The worth of your personal belongings should not exceed $400.